Dry Ice Blast Machine for cleaning

The working principle of dry ice blast cleaning machine is similar to that of steel grit blasting, plastic sand blasting and soda blasting machines. Dry ice machines are mainly applied to dry ice production and dry ice cleaning. Dry Ice Blasting is particularly effective at cleaning industrial and production equipment. Dry ice blasting machines can be further differentiated as either dry ice block shavers or dry ice pellet blasters. Dry ice blasting is the process of utilizing soft dry ice accelerated at supersonic speeds to provide a non-abrasive, non-flammable and non-conductive method of cleaning and surface preparation.

Many types of materials can be removed using an ice blasting machine. Dry ice blasting is known by several names: dry ice blasting, dry ice cleaning, CO2 blasting, dry ice dusting, and even environmentally sustainable cleaning. One can also use cleaning products for cleaning the floor. Dry ice application is one of the uses, and dry ice machine rises to the occasion.

Dry Ice cleaning is known by several names: Dry Ice blasting, Dry Ice cleaning, CO2 blasting, and even environmentally sustainable cleaning. A dry ice machine works on the same principle as a sandblaster. Dry ice blasting is a relatively new cleaning process using solid Co2 pellets (known as dry ice).

Dry ice blasting machines used on the windings of motor and generator equipment must ensure that that the dry ice stream is very even, and that the dry ice particle size is of even distribution. Today, dry ice blasting equipment is being used in almost all areas of industrial cleaning. Finally, dry ice provides a superior cleaning allowing for a longer machine life. Cleaning with Dry Ice is effective and safe. Dry ice cleaning (also known as dry ice blasting, dry ice blast cleaning, and dry ice dusting) is similar to sand blasting, plastic bead blasting, or soda blasting where a medium is accelerated in a pressurized air stream to impact a surface to be cleaned or prepared. Most potential areas of damage can be eliminated simply by reducing the blast pressure on the dry ice blasting machine.

Dry ice blasting for industrial cleaning is in high demand. The principle of Dry Ice Blasting using Ice Blasters is very similar to sand blasting. Dry ice blast cleaning is a process that accelerates dry ice particles through high-velocity nozzles to impact the surface being cleaned. Dry-ice blasting technology can trace its roots to conventional abrasive blasting The differences between an abrasive-blasting machine and a dry-ice blasting machine are in how they handle the blast media.